Oct 16

5 things that every web designer needs

With the exception of Photoshop, all of these programs are available on the net. Enjoy.


You would be amazed at how many of your pages can look normal in IE but look like crap in firefox, that is usually 30% of your views are getting looked at wrong. Get it, love, it live it.


This little baby is an add on to firefox, it allows the user to edit the code of any page while looking at it. Ever wanted to see what a different background looks like on your myspace without actually changing it? This program is for you. You can even edit CSS and javascript. Best part is, all the changes can be copied and pasted into your actual page and saved.


This is another add on for firefox, It is a ftp program that comes up as another tab in firefox, this means you save ram and space.


Sorry to put a non-free software on the list, but PS is a staple of attractive pages. Many fades and other great portions of websites have been done in PS. If you have linux, grab GIMP and enjoy the fun. Imageready is especially wonderful if used in conjunction with clean code, you can end up with a page that is both sleek and loads fast.


When you have to actually read the code, this is a life saver, it provides most features associated with word in a code oriented fashion, including copy and paste and code highlighting. It does highlighing for css, php, java, js, html, perl…. you can even make your own hot tags.

If anyone else has suggestions, give me a heads up, but this is all I use and I know it it helps my productivity.

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