Aug 6


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Recently I have been assaulted with the phrase “I am surprised that no one has shot Obama”. I find it unamerican that any American citizen would make such a statement. I was not (nor ever a fan of) George W Bush yet I never stated that I “was not surprised someone had killed him”. Those words are actually considered a terrorist statement according to the definition of the word “terrorist”. I find it not only unamerican, but also irreligious that any person in this (mostly Christian, Hebrew,┬á Muslim) country would ever endorse the murder of any person, let alone a person from their own country. That is unethical, irresponsible and reprehensible.

Why do we have the right to condemn the person that WAS VOTED INTO OFFICE TO DEATH because of his race/politics/choices? As Americans we have the right to vote him out of office, that it IT. THOU SHALT NOT KILL or have you forgotten your studies? Any responsible citizen should dispute the comments involving the death of the president, it was not put up with in the days of your parents, it should not be put up with now. They respected their elders, but they also had to make hard decisions, we do too, don’t give up on your point of view because your elders don’t respect the president. They should be citizens too, even if they don’t agree with him.

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