Feb 24

just an update

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So I am in my senior year of college towards an electrical engineering degree, my focus will be in control systems and my track is in computer operation. I feel like I know enough to learn more. One of the advantages of have suffered through all those math and physics classes is the unique perspective you have on the world. Things are less trivial and more integral. When you look at a device, you can see it for what it is, what it is made of, and what composes those parts. You can also understand the digital logic used to give a user the result based on a series of inputs, and how those inputs work on a fundamental level. We have learned rules for input and output, frequency and sampling, control and instability, good and bad. I have about 11 weeks to go before I am done. I am very worried about what comes next. What changes my life will take. What should I do?

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