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Socialism as defined by Merriam Webster:any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

Example: Social Security.
Example: Welfare.
Example: Medicare.

Anyone who takes part in these programs benefits from government spending on its own people. So I ask, who out there who partakes in these programs voluntarily thinks that socialized medicine is a bad idea? In the long run it will lower medicare costs, reduce employee downtime, and make a more rugged society in general. Social security, Medicare, and Welfare are no less “socialist” than programs America has in place today. I urge any persons who are serious about denying social medicine a chance, to look at the programs they take advantage of and ask themselves why it is fundamentally different. If you still think it is wrong, stop signing that welfare or social security check, and stop letting medicare cover your medicine.

2,000,000 / 304,059,724 = 0.00658 = 0.658% Faux news
70,000 / 304,059,724 = 0.00023 = 0.023% Reality

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