Mar 15

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Well today was fun, got to go snowboarding before the season is over. I am good enough to carve and am getting into riding in the trees, but fresh powder is like crack. Snowboarding on fresh powder is like surfing a cloud. Go snowboarding, find powder.

The jeep is unhappy. It has a leaking rear axle seal, a loose mounting between the springs and the axle, and three out of four tires. Time to spend a money and love in fixing it up. I have some spare tires that should work, but I ended up getting an aftermarket cover for the axle. I will be putting shims in place to reduce the driveline angle and make the axle more secure.

The trixbox server is now hooked up to line two, we shall see if it is reliable enough to cancel the other phone line. I am thinking that I will also be looking into time based answers, like when there is nobody at the office, we can have an automated answering system.

The suzuki cold air intake has been installed. I have not seen any sort of milage increase since installation, but it does have more low end torque. I want to spend time this spring break installing sheet metal on the undercarriage of the car. This is to reduce drag at higher speeds. Hopefully, it will increase milage and performance. The concern is proper cooling, if the transmission has the same temperature after the drag reducing additions, it will be a good thing.

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