Nov 8


So last weekend, I managed to get 4th and 2nd at the Roswell motorcycle event. This puts me, in a situation where in order to win 1st for the year, I have to place in the top 3 at the december event. I am not too worried about doing so, it just makes me think about what I have to practice. Finals in school apparently go hand in hand with trials.

I found a way to put Win XP on my desktop, I am using nLite to do so. The issues stems from the ability to install XP on a computer using SATA, a standard not supported by the original version. nLite solves this by allowing drivers to be installed while the instal utility is being loaded, very cool.

I am playing with VoIP, Trixbox, Asterisk, Digium, and FreePBX right now. I actually found a way to connect my office and my apartment to the same phone network, so now I call the office using an extension, NO PHONE BILL! It is pretty cool. It also means that I can get rid of our Qwest phone lines in favor of VoIP, it is way cheaper and there is less issues, I am looking at saving about $100 a month in phone bills by switching.

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