Aug 9

Summer and Updating

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Yeah so my summers are always hectic. This is mostly because I am in Santa Fe all summer. I spend 7 days a week working at Santa Fe Skies RV Park for my family. I mostly do repair, upkeep, and tech work.┬á I also help with the Vacuum truck when my brother Tim needs a helper.┬á Between construction, repair, accounting, web design, and computer work I have little time for everything else. Time to do a little of the talky…

On the 2nd and 3rd we had another motorcycle comp. I took 2nd place the first day and 5th the second day. Saturday was a really close ride, the sections were fairly easy, this meant that you really had to be on top of your game. First place had 2 points, I had 4 points, and last place had 11. That is all out of a possible 120 so it made for and interesting turnout. Day two was not a day I am proud of, I was just off my game and made stupid mistakes. I missed a section and got a five for stalling. It was really bad. Here’s to next time being better.

Drupal is awesome, I love it, I am theming a site for an RV park right now and it is cool how I am totally waiting on them to get their act together, I am pretty much done. I started a reservation module but got sidetracked when I found the major differences between 5 and 6 meant I had to start over. After a lot of complaining and ideas and beer, I am back on track and will work on it more while at my apartment.

Last night I went to an HN-88 show at W21, they are actually really good, if you are into punk rock, check them out I am their web designer so I am somewhat biased, but they have to meet my critic standards so it evens out.

I installed openSUSE on my desktop, I played with it a little but the linux versions i have found seem to have heartburn over the MP3 issues. Thanks to the RIAA for making the open source world a┬á bunch of┬á kids scared of their lawyers.┬á GRR. Samba works great, FF, OO, and all the rest come preinstalled. I think the idea of a ready to go OS is just brilliant, too bad windows can’t figure that out. VNC over SSH is pretty cool too. I will probly put apache, php, mysql etc on it soon enough so I can skip that whole “upload your life” step, didn’t we make compiling for small projects obsolete? Oh, yeah, we replaced it with uploading. I am used to using textpad on windows, but moving to a linux distro means I would have to use wine to get at it, I would rather not, guess I am going to have to find a linux parallel.

My current main computer is running 3 Sata drives, two are RAID 0 500 GB and the third is a 80 GB where the linux os is installed. The BIOS boot settings allow me to run vista ultimate off the raid if i need to but I would like to get more familiar with the 64 bit capabilities of my linux distro. Now to find a way to tax the hell out of a 64 bit install with dual-core 2.2 ghz and 4gb of ram………….

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