Jul 25

Bout dang time

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figured i would put up a post about things in general.

got a lift kit for the jeep. it is a rubicon express 4 inch lift. the install was not that bad but i would suggest that anyone who is going to do a lift on any jeep older than 97 years should have access to a torch, plenty of jackstands, and a couple of pipe wrenches. the most awful parts of the install were the brake lines, the pitman arm and the chassis side of the leaf spring.

my room flooded. the rain from the new mexico monsoon season managed to find a way in and destroyed my carpet and my tv stand. i replaced the carpet and got a metal tv stand this time. dad and tim fixed the exterior. we also put in a new downstairs door to help with flooding of the hallway.

i won first place in sportsman at angelfire. i managed to get 34 points at the event taking first place. it was a lot of fun.

i got a new phone. bought a nextel i580, hopefully it will last longer than my last peice of junk.

i am working on websites using the drupal module api. i want to build a reservation system using D6, it is an upwill battle.

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