May 22

I passed! part 2

Category: General,school

Get this, I actually managed to pull a C in my probability and statistics course! I was shocked to find I don’t have to repeat that damn course. There is only one more class I have not gotten the grades for, but based on my prior grades, I should pass that class fine. This summer I will be taking calc 3….. again. This time I will pass it. I want to get all this stuff done with. If I pass the physics and the calc this summer, I will have gotten all my math and physics classes out of the way. That is huge for an engineering degree.

In other news, this is the first day I have not been driving to albuquerque. Since monday tim and I have been working out in rio rancho on finding lines using the vacuum trucks. They were long, hard days but we made around $7000 or so for the business. It is good to see that your hard work can actually help the business afford you.

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