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March 15th, 2011 | Category: websites/programming

So I have decided to create a CMS. Content Management System. Ok, I have been trying to come up with a content management system for some time and have just ended up running in circles. I have made about 4 different versions of a mod_rewrite type template and page separate system for my various websites. I think it’s time I listed out some goals.

CMS Goals:

The System Must:

  • Be OOPhp
  • Support MVC type architecture
  • Have a Database Abstraction layer in the Model that supports serialization for database-less (or at least sqlite) setups.
  • Support Templates
  • Support Manual Page Creation
  • Support XML type page creation
  • Support Php in pages.
  • Support non mod_rewrite installations.
  • Provide sitemap and rss feed.

The CMS should have (but may not in beta):

  • a dashboard

The CMS would be nice if it had:

  • a js dropdown style dashboard.
  • calendar support


List of notes:

VIEW       -> Templates
MODEL      -> Abstract -> DB or Serialized Data Objects

Need to have a repo for universal functions outside of an object.
Needs to have a page data object that holds general data about each page. Autobuilt for manually created pages.

CMS Object controls all:

Controller Object deals with client pages/code as well as model calls

View  Object controls templating

Model Object controls access to saved data

Helper Object gives other Objects the ability to add multi controller/view code

System Object deals with UI and other system level stuff




Use a common template grabber



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