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My life in 4 months

August 09th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized


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Summer and Updating

August 09th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized

Yeah so my summers are always hectic. This is mostly because I am in Santa Fe all summer. I spend 7 days a week working at Santa Fe Skies RV Park for my family. I mostly do repair, upkeep, and tech work.┬á I also help with the Vacuum truck when my brother Tim needs a helper.┬á Between construction, repair, accounting, web design, and computer work I have little time for everything else. Time to do a little of the talky…

On the 2nd and 3rd we had another motorcycle comp. I took 2nd place the first day and 5th the second day. Saturday was a really close ride, the sections were fairly easy, this meant that you really had to be on top of your game. First place had 2 points, I had 4 points, and last place had 11. That is all out of a possible 120 so it made for and interesting turnout. Day two was not a day I am proud of, I was just off my game and made stupid mistakes. I missed a section and got a five for stalling. It was really bad. Here’s to next time being better.

Drupal is awesome, I love it, I am theming a site for an RV park right now and it is cool how I am totally waiting on them to get their act together, I am pretty much done. I started a reservation module but got sidetracked when I found the major differences between 5 and 6 meant I had to start over. After a lot of complaining and ideas and beer, I am back on track and will work on it more while at my apartment.

Last night I went to an HN-88 show at W21, they are actually really good, if you are into punk rock, check them out I am their web designer so I am somewhat biased, but they have to meet my critic standards so it evens out.

I installed openSUSE on my desktop, I played with it a little but the linux versions i have found seem to have heartburn over the MP3 issues. Thanks to the RIAA for making the open source world a┬á bunch of┬á kids scared of their lawyers.┬á GRR. Samba works great, FF, OO, and all the rest come preinstalled. I think the idea of a ready to go OS is just brilliant, too bad windows can’t figure that out. VNC over SSH is pretty cool too. I will probly put apache, php, mysql etc on it soon enough so I can skip that whole “upload your life” step, didn’t we make compiling for small projects obsolete? Oh, yeah, we replaced it with uploading. I am used to using textpad on windows, but moving to a linux distro means I would have to use wine to get at it, I would rather not, guess I am going to have to find a linux parallel.

My current main computer is running 3 Sata drives, two are RAID 0 500 GB and the third is a 80 GB where the linux os is installed. The BIOS boot settings allow me to run vista ultimate off the raid if i need to but I would like to get more familiar with the 64 bit capabilities of my linux distro. Now to find a way to tax the hell out of a 64 bit install with dual-core 2.2 ghz and 4gb of ram………….

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Bout dang time

July 25th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized

figured i would put up a post about things in general.

got a lift kit for the jeep. it is a rubicon express 4 inch lift. the install was not that bad but i would suggest that anyone who is going to do a lift on any jeep older than 97 years should have access to a torch, plenty of jackstands, and a couple of pipe wrenches. the most awful parts of the install were the brake lines, the pitman arm and the chassis side of the leaf spring.

my room flooded. the rain from the new mexico monsoon season managed to find a way in and destroyed my carpet and my tv stand. i replaced the carpet and got a metal tv stand this time. dad and tim fixed the exterior. we also put in a new downstairs door to help with flooding of the hallway.

i won first place in sportsman at angelfire. i managed to get 34 points at the event taking first place. it was a lot of fun.

i got a new phone. bought a nextel i580, hopefully it will last longer than my last peice of junk.

i am working on websites using the drupal module api. i want to build a reservation system using D6, it is an upwill battle.

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